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FlashAir Javascript client library

FlashAir Javascript client library

  • supports FlashAir(TM) TOSHIBA, WiFi capable SD memory card.
  • compatible with ECMAScript 3
  • wraps HTTP and CGI calls as class methods.
  • written in TypeScript(.ts) and also available compiled results in .js files.
  • library depends on jQuery (ajax connection and deferred handling)
  • free to use and reuse under MIT license

What you need.


flashAirClient.js (flashAirClient.min.js )

  • contains definitions for predefined values and enum values for CGI access.
  • wrapping ajax(http) calls with easy-to-read method calls and structured returned values.
  • command results are returned asynchronously by jQueryPromise object.
  • event notifies connection status, host change (update) and others
  • can dynamically change and switch host

Get started!

After including jQuery, only starting point is FlashAir.FlashAirClient class.


Simple use in HTML

<script src="js/jquery-[version].js"></script>
<script src="js/flashAirClient.js"></script>
    var fa = new FlashAir.FlashAirClient("http://flashair/");
    // ... API calls

Just to list all files in the root directory

var fa = new FlashAir.FlashAirClient("http://flashair/");
.done( function(list){
    $.each(list, function(i, file){
        console.log( file );
        // file is in a form of FileInfoRaw { r_uri, fname, ... }

monitor file and directory changes

var fa = new FlashAir.FlashAirClient("http://flashair/");
fa.on('fa.updated', function(){
    // SD card status has been changed. Do something.


Tested with FlashAir(TM) model W-03.

Version History

  • 0.9.4 (2015.6.20) initial release


(c) 2015 Yokinsoft Jake.Y.Yoshimura http://www.yo-ki.com MIT License


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